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Explanation of CTE Delivery System
Explanation of Arizona's Techprep Initiative
Explanation of relation of CTE Standards to Arizona's Academic Standards
Link to National Career Clusters Website www.careerclusters.org
Listing of Arizona's Consortia Directors
Listing of Arizona's CTE Program Supervisors www.azed.gov/wp-content/uploads/PDF/StateSupervisorProgramList.pdf
Link to Arizona State CTE Website www.ade.az.gov/cte
Link to National Career Pathways Website www.ncpn.info
Resources for Tech Prep promotion
Resources for Tech Prep promotion

Listed below are downloadable files related to the above vocational program:

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Coherent Sequence of Instruction

Technical Standards Checklist for Articulating

Workplace Employability Skills

Arizona's Articulated Programs

CTSO Information - DECA

State Certification Requirements

Career Exploration Career Preparation

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